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Industrial IoT Launch - 3, 2, 1….Wait!

Industrial IoT should be easy, right?! Slap on some sensors, a gateway from one of the many CPU-in-a-ruggedized-box vendors, haul away all the data to your favorite cloud vendor’s “IoT platform" and voila - predictive powers abound!

Talk to practitioners, however, and you might hear a different story. I bet, it is a story of overwhelming number of sensor vendors, myriad proprietary protocols, ill-equipped gateways, binder-thick cellular service bills, data-streams that cloud-hop endlessly and the ever elusive analytical insights that would someday justify the costs of the project.

Where did we fall short, you may ask?

The short answer is - you probably did not. State of enabling technologies for IoT are still in their toddler-hood (yes, even after a couple of decades of hoopla). Now the long answer - there are many technical factors which often interplay and diminish the value from your IIoT project;

  • Battery technology is just about catching up to support un-tethered, ubiquitous sensor deployment.

  • Communication protocols are still power hungry. Low-power protocols (e.g. LoRA) are not widely deployed / adopted.

  • Cellular is still expensive for transporting huge amounts of data to the cloud. It does not make sense to ship all that data to the cloud.

  • Gateways lack abilities to securely and cost-effectively process data streams locally. Support for distributed processing of workloads is even scarce.

  • Industrial technology vendors are slow in adopting open, interoperable standards. Too much of their legacy business remains at stake.


Some non-technical factors also play into this, but I will save it for another post.

Does this mean, we resign ourselves to PoC purgatory for the foreseeable future? Not necessarily . At Ramp Digital, we help clients identify which of these inhibitors apply to their specific use case and help carve out a path for their own IIoT journey, so you are not stuck in a PoC hell forever. We apply our expertise of cutting-edge IIoT technologies, human factors and use-cases to carve out projects that have highest chances of achieving intended business outcomes.

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What are your IIoT challenges? Connect with us for a no-obligation consulting session.

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