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IIoT Solutions: Architecture, Considerations, Challenges

Hello IoT enthusiasts, here is recording of a session that I co-presented with Rakesh Panda at Intel's Global IoT DevFest II. In this one session you can expect to get some breadth and depth about IoT solutions based on our years of experience building & deploying real IoT solutions, not just lab prototypes and alpha products.

Are you or your company beginning your IoT journey but want to cut short your learning time? Get a peek into what are the important aspects for an IoT Solution and what may apply to your use case.

In the first 14 minutes I talk about real life examples of Industrial IoT Solutions from 3 different verticals. This is a session minus all jargon which covers in simple terms

  • What do Industrial/Enterprise IoT Solutions really do?

  • What problem do they solve?

  • How are customers thinking about these solutions?

The next part of the session talks about typical architectures of IoT Solutions and goes into detail of factory, edge side data/connectivity architecture. There are a lot of IoT platforms out there but most are about solving problems in the cloud once the data gets to the cloud. However, there are real practical considerations and heavy lifting to be done to connect machines, equipment in industrial environments. This part talks about how does the data "get to the cloud?". This also gives a quick overview on the need of fog software in some industrial IoT Solutions.

The last part talks about practical problems and challenges faced during building and deploying IoT Solutions. Hopefully this will be useful to companies, startups, entrepreneurs who are building IoT products, in their trials, beta testing etc.


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