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What is included in the Kit?

Sensor data is translated and normalized by: 

  5. Cloud connector to an IoT Platform. Currently supported platforms include: 

  • Google Cloud IoT Core ( GCP) 

  • AWS IoT 

  • relayr 

  • Cumulocity (softwareAG)

  • Any other IoT platform of choice (w/ an additional charge)

The kit contains three industrial-grade battery powered wireless sensors:

  1. Current / Power Meter

  2. Temperature Sensor

  3. Vibration Meter


Wireless sensors connect to the internet via a:

  4. Industrial grade wireless/cellular Gateway​

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What can Industrial Equipment Manufacturers do with this Kit?

For manufacturers of Industrial equipment, retrofit kits create new revenue streams, competitive differentiation, investment protection and lower servicing costs for their maintenance contracts. Equipment makers can use the Ramp Industrial IoT PoC Kit for rapid proofs-of-concept (PoC) prior to designing such retrofit kits for their brownfield customers.


The Ramp Industrial IoT PoC Kit can augment new non-invasive sensing capabilities to your legacy equipment to prove feasibility of value-added services such as remote condition monitoring, diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Conducting a proof-of-concept with a standard kit accelerates time-to-market for launching retrofit kits and value-added services by surfacing sensor and connectivity requirements early in the design process.

What can Smart Factory Operators do with this Kit?

Manufacturing customers looking to create smart factories with machines and equipment that are constantly monitored and maintained, can use the Ramp Industrial IoT PoC Kit to start collecting valuable machine health data and send it to IoT Platform of their choice through ready-to-use connectors included with this kit. This data can be used to achieve multiple goals:

  • remote condition monitoring and alerts for timely corrective actions,

  • accurate and realtime record of machine parameters for quality control and

  • build predictive maintenance algorithms providing alerts on impending machine failures, reducing production downtimes 

Is this Kit for me?

Ramp Industrial IoT PoC Kit gives a head start to companies starting their Industrial IoT Journey by providing a set of industrial grade sensors, a gateway and software that instantly provides valuable machine, line and equipment data, resulting in significant time and cost savings on sensor and gateway selection, connectivity, hardware protocol translation, software development and deployment.


This kit is designed to accelerate IoT innovation for industrial equipment makers and smart manufacturing companies, through a ready-to-use prototype to build upon. The Ramp Industrial IoT PoC Kit solves the most tedious and time-consuming challenges of sensor selection, gateway configuration, connectivity, hardware protocol translation, mounting and installation so clients can focus on their killer IoT Apps like remote monitoring, diagnostics, OEE improvement and predictive maintenance.



  • Wireless battery powered sensors allow easy mounting on machines and in factories without need for rewiring for power or connectivity  

  • Industrial grade equipment that is ruggedized and resilient

  • connectors for leading IoT cloud platforms and custom connectors, allows solution flexibility

  • pre-integrated sensors and gateway, means that no protocol adapters, and wireless protocol complexity to deal with and you can focus on software stack.

What if I want to go beyond what the PoC Kit offers?

Clients with more sophisticated needs may benefit from bespoke services. Some examples are listed below.

  • Integration with sensors other than listed above

  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics solution for industrial equipment

  • Fixed cost and defined scope IoT PoC service

  • IoT Solution integration with on-premise IT infrastructure or Data Center, ERP or CRM systems

  • Predictive maintenance PoC solution

  • Custom sensor software, embedded applications, smart phone applications and protocol implementation

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