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One-Size-Fits-All was not meant for IoT.

We distinguish ourselves as a platform and vendor-agnostic partner exclusively focused on IoT since its early days. We specialize in building custom solutions from best-of-breed components using a lego-block approach, while drawing from our engineering DNA where state-of-the-art falls short.

We add brains to things...

             For hyper-efficient operations, standout customer experience and brand-new revenue streams.            

  Announcing release of our Industrial PoC Kit  


IoT Solution Advisory
  • Business case development

  • Connected Product Advisory

  • Full Stack Solution Architecture

  • IoT Solution Benchmarking

Last Mile Connectivity
  • Industrial Sensor Selection 

  • Field Network Design

  • IoT Gateway Setup

  • Protocol Adapters

Rapid Prototyping 
  • Use Case Ideation and Identification

  • Sensor to Cloud Integration

  • Data Acquisition Design & Implementation

Custom Development
  • Protocol Adapters

  • Gateway Software

  • Phone, Web apps

  • Dashboards and Analytics

  • Enterprise Application Integration

Field Deployment
  • Sensor & Field Network Install

  • Sensor Calibration

  • End to End Testing for Function & Performance



Solutions solve business problems not technologies. Our solutions solve practical problems for our customers. Our pre-built cloud based IoT solutions that can be quickly customized for you, accelerate the time to benefit and achieve RoI rapidly. The solutions include the sensors, communication hardware and the application software that can be accessed anywhere on a smart phone or computer.

RAMOS Intelligent Restaurant Operations

IoT Platform


WUCM - Workplace Utilization and Comfort Monitoring

Tank Vision

IoT Technologies

We are head quartered in heart of innovation and technology in SF Bay Area.



For discussing your solution needs and how we can help please send a message and will schedule a call with you.

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Head Office

379 Jacklin Rd,

Milpitas CA 95035

Tel: 650-996-6167

Development Office

Gurgaon India 122002


To apply for a job with, please send a cover letter together with your resume (clearly indicating your location preference) to:


IoT Solutions require different technologies in different scenarios. Our expertise in technologies from sensor to cloud, sets us apart from our competition. 

Sensors & Protocols
IO Link IoT
IoT BACnet
IFM sensors
modbus iot
IoT Bluetooth
Zwave IoT
IoT Gateways & OS
Cisco fog computing
Dell IOT Gateway 5000
Advantech IOT Gateway
Windriver IOT
ubuntu IoT
Windows 10 IoT
Cisco IOx
IoT Kits
Particle IOT
electrcimp IOT
raspberry pi IoT
arduino IOT
IoT Cloud Platforms
Samsung artik cloud
AWS iot
relayr IOT Cloud platform
MS Azure IOT
Google Cloud Platform
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